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Dental Benefit – Halitosis

Monday, Jul. 1st 2019 11:59 AM

Question: I have very bad breath. My doctor ruled out any medical reason for my breath to stink so bad and I was told just to brush better.

I do brush sometimes up to four times a day. I floss every morning before school. I always have mints in my mouth just so it is not to bad. Yet time and time again I am told by my boyfriend or a friend that my breath stinks. I could really use some advise.

Reply: You have the same problem that many people do when it comes to having bad breath. If your doctor ruled out any health issues for your bad breath then it may just be a diet issue.

You do not need to be eating onions to have bad breath just foods that may not be agreeing with you. Eggs,cheese, coffee and even milk, can be a problem for many people. That could be your breakfast and bad morning breath issues.

Trying to change some of your eating habits and see if that makes any difference. If you eat foods and they upset your tummy, gasses will want to come out one way or another.

If not that then try checking with your dentist even though you are brushing and flossing it is still a good idea to check and make sure you do not have any cavities or gum issues since they are some of the reasons why you may have bad breath.

Another thing is try brushing your tongue if you are not already. You tongue can hold onto germs and bacteria that can cause you to have bad breath.

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