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HOW LONG MUST I KEEP A DENTAL INSURANCE PLAN?   I have started a new job that will offer me dental and medical insurance if I stay there for six months.  I have no intentions on leaving and will be getting the insurance benefits once I am able to.

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Individual dental insurance plans, Looking for dental insurance for just my daughter


My daughter turned 22 and my current dental insurance plan will be dropping her because they only insured dependents up to 21.  I made a deal with my daughter that as long as she is a full time student and is getting good grades.  I would pay for her dental needs.

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Individual Dental Insurance plans, Looking for a low cost plan


I am a 24 year old working poor person.  I work two some times three part time jobs just to get buy.  I have enough for all my bills and a little extra but that is about it.  Since right now all I have are part time jobs (my main job has cut back everyone hours. ) I do not have dental insurance only a small health plan.

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