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Individual dental insurance plans, Looking for dental insurance for just my daughter

Wednesday, Jul. 14th 2010 8:15 AM

My daughter turned 22 and my current dental insurance plan will be dropping her because they only insured dependents up to 21.  I made a deal with my daughter that as long as she is a full time student and is getting good grades.  I would pay for her dental needs.

I would like to get a dental insurance plan for her.  Can I buy a dental insurance plan in her name and be the one paying for it?  Since I have to pay for it I rather do it that way then have to give the money to my daughter to pay the bill.  Do you know if that could be done?

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Posted on Wednesday, Jul. 14th 2010 8:15 AM | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Dental Plans | 1 Comment »

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Individual dental insurance plans, Looking for dental insurance for just my daughter

  1. Amie Says:

    Yes normally it is not an issue with any dental insurance company who is paying for the plan. As long as the plan is being paid for.

    You may want to look into getting her a dental HMO insurance plan. It would be a low cost plan for you, and normally they do not have all the limitations like yearly dollar max and waiting periods. Which would be good for your daughter.

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