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Dental Discount plan, Anyone have the Aetna Access dental discount plan

Monday, Jul. 5th 2010 6:09 AM

I have been reviewing your Aetna Access dental discount plan.  I understand that it is a discount plan so you are getting the discount saving from the dentist that take the plan.   I guess  this would be an alternative to having dental insurance.

I am just wondering how well does it work?  I do not want waiting periods so I noted that this plan says it starts the next busines day is that correct?  Really any additional information you can give me abou the plan would be good so I am make up my mind.

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Dental Discount plan, Anyone have the Aetna Access dental discount plan

  1. Carol Says:

    Regarding the Aenta dental discount plan called Denta Choice plus it does start the next business day from signing up on line for the plan.

    It has no waiting periods and you are able to get the discounted saving for all dental work done by their providers. The main thing to make sure of before buying this plan or any other dental plan is to make sure the dentist listed in the network are still accepting the plan.

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