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Need Treatment for Gum Disease – Dental Benefit

Wednesday, Sep. 14th 2022 8:28 AM

I need to see a Periodontist since it seems I have very bad gums.  I been going to the dentist for my teeth an although I do not have any cavities my gums would hurt.  He  did do a deep cleaning but my gums still bleed and they are still very red.  If I do not have insurance will I need to have a referral to see a Periodontist?  Or can I just go to one on my own.  I have the money I just never bother getting dental insurance because to me dental insurance never insured what I wanted or had really long term waiting period. 

Answer: If you do not have insurance you do not need a referral to see a periodontist since you will be paying out of pocket.  However, although dental insurance plan such as PPO would have long waiting periods for periodontal services you may want to look into getting a low cost dental discount plan.  Under a dental discount plan you also do not need to have a referral to see a specialist. Dental discount plans do not have waiting periods and for specialist your normal saving is around 20 percent.  It is a good way to save some money on your dental care need at a very low cost.

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