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Monday, Apr. 29th 2024 8:47 AM

My mom is 74 and has all her teeth. She gets health benefits, but it does not seem like she receives much dental care for her teeth. I do not understand why her dental care is so lacking in her Medicare. Few dental providers take her Medicare, and it covers only the small stuff. She has no significant dental needs, but I do not want her to get any in the future, and I know she has not seen a dentist for at least a year now. What can I do for my mom’s dental care?

Reply: If you feel your mom’s Medicare benefits for dental care may not be sufficient, you can consider purchasing an individual dental insurance plan separately. Buying an individual dental insurance plan will provide her additional coverage for dental services that may not be covered under her Medicare plan. You can research different available dental insurance options and choose a plan that best suits your mom’s dental needs and budget. It is also a good idea to consult with her dentist to see what services and treatments she may need in the future and choose a plan that covers those procedures. Investing in a dental insurance plan ensures that your mom receives the best possible dental care and prevents any future dental problems.  

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