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Tuesday, May. 14th 2024 11:24 AM

My sister needs better oral and dental health care. Her teeth look yellow to me, and when I ask if she has seen a dentist, she says she can not afford to see one. Are there cheap dental insurance plans out there? 

Reply: It’s understandable that you want to help your sister improve her oral and dental health care. However, making sure she is open to receiving your help before recommending dental insurance plans is essential. Some people may feel offended or embarrassed when others suggest that they need assistance, particularly when it comes to dental care. 

That said, if your sister is open to your suggestion, consider reviewing dental HMO insurance plans. HMO plans are generally more affordable than PPO plans and other types of dental insurance. Most HMO plans provide free or low-cost preventive dental care, which can help your sister maintain good oral health and prevent more serious dental problems.

Under HMO plans, the dental services covered are listed on a fee schedule, so your sister can see the cost of needed dental care ahead of time. This can make budgeting for dental care more manageable and help her avoid unexpected expenses. Additionally, many HMO plans also offer discounts on certain dental procedures, which can help your sister save even more money.

Overall, if your sister is open to receiving your help, reviewing dental HMO insurance plans can be a good starting point for finding affordable dental care options.

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