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Dental Insurance, My parents do not have dental insurance.

Saturday, Jun. 26th 2010 11:13 AM

I have a really bad toothache that started in a day ago.  The pain is off and on mostly when I try and eat something.  My parents do not have any dental insurance so having my teeth fix would be costly for them.

I have not told them about my toothache because I know they will get upset with me. They will tell me it is because I do not brush good enough.  However I do brush my teeth twice a day every day.  I am not sure why I should have a toothache now.   I am 15 so it not like I can go to the dentist on my own.

What can I do to stop this toothache pain without having to tell my parents and make them take me to the dentist and pay out money they really can not afford.   Advise please.

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Dental Insurance, My parents do not have dental insurance.

  1. Benson Jeffy's Says:

    In my opinion I would say that it your parents fault here.It is up to them to take care of your oral health by having you go to the dentist at least twice a year. Whether or not they have dental insurance.

    At least they could have gotten a dental discount plan that cost lest then $15 a month. Really whats the deal? Anyway since you are a minor you can not go to the dentist with out a parent consent. So tell your parents about your toothache. It is about all you can do.

  2. James Says:

    It is a shame that your parents do not have dental insurance. However you will still need to inform them that your tooth is hurting you.

    You are a minor whatever the reason are for your to have a toothache only a dentist will be able to address them and fix your tooth. Doing nothing will only compound the problem.

    Sorry but your parents need to know. They may be a little upset but I am sure they do not want their child to be in pain.

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