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What do you think about having your teeth whiten

Wednesday, Sep. 15th 2010 7:22 PM

Would love to hear the pro and cons from people that had their teeth whiten.    I am thinking about whiten my teeth.  My teeth are not really bad they are just not as white as I would like them to be.  My mom tells me not to do it that my teeth are find but that is coming from my mom.

I will be going to the dentist to have them whiten so it not like I buying something cheap over the counter whiten strips.  Should or should I not whiten my teeth?

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What do you think about having your teeth whiten

  1. Uella Says:

    Having your teeth whiten at a dentist can be costly, and it is normally not covered by insurance. I think that would be the con.

    Otherwise you will get your teeth the whitest the fastest by the dentist. Compare to using whitening strips

  2. April Says:

    I had my teeth whiten by my dentist and it cost over $200 my teeth looked really good for about four months. But if you do not make changes to how you take care of your teeth they will start to get yellow again.

  3. Jessy Says:

    Having your teeth whiten can make your teeth very sensitive for a month or so. I really hated that but it is worth having your teeth whiten if you keep up the maintenance to keep the white.

  4. Starr Knight Says:

    I really do not think it is worth spending that kind of money to whiten your teeth. For my I did use Crest Whitening Strips and they worked very well.

    After that I changed my toothpaste to have whitening to keep the stains from coming back. My teeth are really white without having to spend top dollar.

  5. Jones Says:

    Everyone I known that has whiten their teeth had their teeth looking good for a few months. But never really changed their habits as to why their teeth were all yellow in the first place so it did not take long for them to go back.

    If you are going to commit to keep your teeth white they go for it. Otherwise just brush with toothpaste with whitening to keep your teeth from getting darker

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